Wisconsin is home to plenty of the world's largest things. Wisconsin is also well known for its great beer. It makes sense that Wisconsin would combine both these things to give America some of the largest beer in the world.

I hope you're ready for a six-pack because these bad boys are almost 55 feet tall, and have broken records for decades now.

Wisconsin Welcome sign at Marinette WI

It turns out some of Wisconsin's beer is bigger than any other state. This spot is a source of pride for La Crosse and for many is a mandatory stop for any road trip through Wisconsin.

Glass of beer

The Largest Beer In Wisconsin

According to OIYS Wisconsin is home to the largest six-pack of beer. La Crosse is a proud recorded holder of the world's largest six-pack. Only In Your State went on to say,

The world's largest six-pack of beer cans can be found in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The six-pack is actually a series of six large beer storage tanks painted to look like beer cans. A makeover is underway that will give the cans a new look.

This all started in 1969 when the G. Heileman Brewery built six 54-foot-tall storage tanks at its plant in La Crosse, Wisconsin. You can learn more about this six-pack here.

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I also learned that Wisconsin invented the sundae, not sure how this fun fact showed up while looking at beer, but hey that's pretty awesome. If you love beer and ice cream, Wisconsin is the place to be. ( I feel like many of this already knew this.)

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