Wisconsin has a very long and rich history. Wisconsin became a state in 1848, with the French controlling the area until 1763. The Wisconsin Territory was formed in 1836 and was admitted into the Union as the 30th state in 1848.

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Oldest Cities In Wisconsin

With such a long history many cities in the state are very old, and have their own rich history. You can see a longer list on onlyinyourstate.com.

4. Hubertus

This location was established 18 years before Wisconsin became a state.

This town was first settled in the 1830s. Its fertile, well-watered land soon brought more citizens to farm. It became the site of Holy Hill in 1863.

3. Shullsburg

This location has such a rich Irish history. It was first populated in the 1800s.

The town is named for Jesse Shull, a miner. Legend is that Shull observed a badger digging in a hill and discovered minerals. It is more likely that Native Americans let him in on the secret, but the story is fun.

2. Prairie du Chien

This one is reported as the second oldest city. It has a strong French history like the state itself.

It was settled by French explorers in the late 17th century. French explorer Nicolas Perrot established a very lucrative fur trading post here. It gets its name from the Tribe who once occupied the area: their name translated to "dog" and the French for dog is "chien."


The Oldest City In Wisconsin

Multiple reports put this city in the number one spot when it comes to the oldest cities in Wisconsin.

1. Green Bay

This city is considered by many to be one of the oldest European settlements in the U.S.

onlyinyourstate.com went on to state,

It was discovered by the French in the early 1600s, and Nicolet founded a trading post. It was originally called "La Baie des Puants" or "the stinking bay.

With such a long history in the great state, it makes sense that it is the oldest city in Wisconsin. NPS.Gov reported,

Green Bay, located along the banks of the Fox River, is the oldest settlement in Wisconsin. Early French voyageurs and coureurs de bois probably knew about the site and named it Baye des Puants because the Puants, a Winnebago tribe, resided there.

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