Who doesn't love their dog? Man's best friend. Not only are they great pets, but many dogs have been in the workforce for some years now! A recent study took a look at which "dog jobs" are not only the most important but also the most popular.

James Barker, Unsplash
James Barker, Unsplash

This list is only looking at federal jobs that dogs work. It did not mention any service animals or emotional support dogs.

How They Got These Numbers

Usafacts.org is a nonpartisan organization focused on empowering Americans with the facts. They get their info from publicly released information. These are the numbers of working dogs by Federal departments and independent agencies in 2022.

Note: Some federal working dog programs, such as those managed by the judicial branch, legislative, and Tennessee Vally Authority were not included.

Now let's see those final results for these important dog jobs.

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The Results

The most common "important jobs" are government jobs in America. These are the things man's best friend works hard to get done to keep us safe.

  1. Homeland Security
  2. Defense
  3. State
  4. Agriculture
  5. Independent agencies
  6. Justice
  7. Interior
  8. Veterans
  9. Energy
  10. Health and Human Services

Other Important dog jobs to note. these numbers of federally managed programs with dogs specified roles in 2022.

  • Explosives detection
  • Narcotics detection
  • patrol
  • Human detection
  • Miscellaneous

You can see the full video with more information below:

Thank you to all the amazing dogs who protect us and work hard here in America. It's weird thinking dogs can be "Feds' but they are.

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