Illinois has countless iconic flea markets. Some are even considered the best in the Midwest. With such stiff competition, it can be hard to stand out, but this haunted flea market does just that in the great state of Illinois!


Don't worry... this spot isn't actually haunted, it is just a bunch of people who love to shop while going all out with the spooks and the laughs!

So... what is it called?

The Wheaton Haunted Halloween Flea Market

This event takes place at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, which are located at 2015 Manchester Rd., Wheaton, IL 60187. According to Only In Your State, Admission is $7 and tickets are sold at the gate. Children under the age of 12 are admitted for free and will have fun participating in the costume contest.

The haunted flea market also only runs for one night only in October. Catch the Wheaton Haunted Halloween Flea Market from 3 PM to midnight.

The shopping is also great with handmade goods, vintage items, and an assortment of other treasures and gifts.

This year the event is set to take place on On Saturday, October 28th.

It's the perfect event for those who love family fun and spooky adventures. The whole family is also always welcome to this event. We call it an event because so much happens here, there are even special appearances from actors in horror movies and other media.

This one is a bit far out so if you want to see other flea markets kicking off a bit sooner in Illinois you can check them out here.

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