Do you Yoga? I've thought about doing Yoga. I have a couple of friends who do Yoga but it just seems intimidating. That's exactly why the pairing up of Yoga with cats, dogs, alcohol and holding Yoga sessions anywhere but a Yoga studio is gaining popularity.

Davenport yoga instructor Karah Rehnberg tells the Quad City Times, “when you take yoga out of a studio, it encourages more people to come, like people that might feel uncomfortable at a normal yoga class.” In the Quad Cities you can do Yoga at UP Skybar, The Figge Art Museum, Grand Hannover Farm, QC Paws, Lindsay Park and a variety of other places.

I don't know if stretching with a beer or a glass of wine is enough to get me to Yoga ... I may need need a couple of glasses to be flexible enough to make that happen. And definitely a roomy pair of sweatpants.

Here are some of the places offering different types of Yoga. Most are outside of a normal studio. There may be a cost involved. Click the links for more details:




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