In my mind there isn't a lot of upside to the nasty cold the Quad Cities is experiencing. However, there is one small upside if you're getting a case of cabin fever and ready to brave the cold. The ice sculptures from last week's Icestravaganza at the Freight House are holding up pretty well.

The City of Davenport's Facebook page is proclaiming the Icestravaganza dinosaur may very well last into the ice age along with the other sculptures. Their post goes on to say most years the ice sculptures get knocked over after the event and left to melt before they become structurally unsound. This year, with the freezing temperatures, they're letting them stay intact.

So if you didn't make it to the Icestravaganza last week. You can still head out to the Freight House and check them out. It might be just the thing to do this weekend. Pop the family in the car, head over to the Freight House, see the sculptures, then duck into a nearby restaurant to enjoy a bite to eat.

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