On Tuesday, March 28th, the Moline Garden Center is the place to be with your furry best friend. From 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM you can take part in 'Pooch Pics With The Bunny.' This event gives you the perfect opportunity to add another picture of your dog to the family catalog.

Nothing gets cuter than an Easter dog pic.

Stephanie Zieber


First, Pre-registration is required, no walk-ins will be allowed.

Get ready to hop on over for a “paw-some” time and get your pup’s picture with the Easter Bunny! You will receive one picture sent via email and a dog “goodie bag!”

The event goes on to state,

Time slots are offered every half hour. Please sign up for your desired time. If you have multiple dogs and would like to receive individual pictures and goodies, you must sign up each dog separately. Select the quantity of registrations at time of registration.

The registration fee is $8 per dog. Hurry you only have until the 22nd to get registered.

It is also requested that there be no aggressive dogs. You can learn more here.

About Moline Parks and Recreation Department

The Moline Parks and Recreation Department is governed by the Moline Park Board, as appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the City Council. The Moline Parks and Recreation Department operates 23 parks comprised of more than 700 acres. This includes Riverside Family Aquatic Center, Greenvalley Sports Complex, Ben Butterworth Parkway, Sylvan Island, two municipal cemeteries, over 16 miles of trails, two public dog parks and more. In addition, we offer numerous programs in the areas of adult and youth sports, facility rentals, and special events.

They seek to enhance community wellness and quality of life by providing diverse recreational experiences, exceptional park programs, and well-maintained facilities.

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