You've probably seen this food truck at your favorite fairs and markets around the Quad Cities, but did you know this famous mobile eatery now has a drive-through?

Mex 2 Go opened recently at 1218 Brady Street, Davenport (right across the street from the radio station) where you'll find all the delicious-ness you've enjoyed all summer at their food truck. 

I buzzed through the other day and picked up a mini-smorgasbord for my family. I got an order of enchiladas, rice, beans and some tacos. The friendly staff prepped my order super fast, asked if I needed extra sauce and even complimented me on my hair. Gotta love flirty servers!

Mex 2 Go Menu/Facebook
Mex 2 Go Menu/Facebook

My food was yummy, the cheese was hot and melty and the price made me feel like I should have gotten extra to stick in the freezer; which you can do. They have enchiladas and burritos packed and ready for you heat up later.

The best part is, I don't have to wait for food truck season to begin to enjoy my favorite Mexican food. Mex 2 Go is opened Monday-Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm.

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