A popular YouTuber who has made a job talking and joking about states came over to Iowa to take a deeper look at all stereotypes along with the best and worst parts of Iowa.

Today we look at the unboxing of Iowa with Nick Johnson.

Source: Nick Johnson Youtube Unboxing Iowa
Source: Nick Johnson Youtube Unboxing Iowa

This video focuses a lot on the farming and agriculture in Iowa. He throws around a lot of statistics as well.  As a hard-working farmer, some of the quotes from the video may not come as a surprise to you.

Here in Iowa, they keep pluggin along. Sometimes - a lot of times, farmers feel like they’re losing all the battles. Oh Iowa is still kicking butt when it comes to agricultural production. But the future of farming here is anyone’s guess.

If you're not a farmer from Iowa, you know there is more to Iowa than corn, hogs, and churches which is what this video takes a look at. He moves from West to East when looking at Iowa.

When talking about the West, he mentions that many Midwest states are similar in the West sides are usually later and sparsely populated while leaning more conservative. So in short the west is more rural with an older population.

When talking about central Iowa he again mentions the corn, farming, and conservative nature of the area. He also shows his drive through of the state.

When looking at the East he mentions that there is more to do on this side and that it leans more liberal. He also mentions that it reportedly has some of the "worst" places to live are located here. He really goes in on Clinton...

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The Stereotypes

The main ones the video talks about are the corn, hogs, and college sports, with a few others mixed in there. Overall while the video shows the truth behind the stereotypes it all shows all the great things Iowa has to offer as well. It's a long video, but if you want to learn more about Iowa while also rolling your eyes at a few things he says (it's always funny seeing some of the stuff nonIowans miss or say incorrectly when talking about our state.) You can see that video below.

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