Most of us aren't having a traditional Thanksgiving gathering this year because, well...COVID. So here's something cool Zoom is doing just in time for Thanksgiving.

Zoom has announced it's lifting it's 40 minute meeting restrictions this Thanksgiving, so we'll be able to hang out virtually with family and friends for as long as we want.

Since COVID-19 cases are surging in Iowa it's best we don't host in-person holiday gatherings. I think logging on Zoom with our family and friends is the next best thing.

According to the CDC small household gatherings are contributing to the spread of the coronavirus. Limiting our social gatherings and the number of people in those gathering could help stop the spread.

I also have renewed faith in Zoom, a tech giant and a necessary communication tool during this pandemic. Lifting the time limit restriction is a warm and fuzzy move. Makes me feel like Thanksgiving could have easily been a money grab. I'm glad to know it isn't.

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