What foods would you miss if you didn't live in the Quad-Cities? I am a native Quad-Citian, but my family moved to Florida for four years. Along with our family, friends, the Mississippi River, and good old-fashioned Midwest hospitality, we craved these 10 iconic foods and restaurants while we were away.

  • Whitey's Ice Cream. Our personal favorite is a chocolate, Oreo, banana malt with extra Oreos!
  • Habenero's (back then it was Jalepeno's) salsa, guacamole and chicken enchiladas are our favorites.
  • 'Loose meat' sandwiches from Ross' or Maid Rite.
  • Happy Joe's Pizza. We craved their famous taco pizza.
  • Harris Pizza. A Quad-City favorite no matter the toppings!
  • Hungry Hobo. Somehow the subs in Florida just weren't as good.
  • Jim's Rib Haven. Sometimes we'd bring a gallon of Jim's sauce to Florida to share with our friends.
  • Pork chops from anywhere in Iowa, because Iowa chops are the best!
  • Iowa sweet corn. Can you believe people in Florida cut the kernels off the cob before eating it?
  • Lagomarcino's. There's nothing quite like a tuna on rye with a hot fudge sundae for dessert.

We're glad we now have an island food restaurant in the Quad Cities. Zeke's Island Cafe remind us of the beach, and their tacos and Huli Huli chicken is fantastic.

What we wish we had in the Quad-Cities that is plentiful in Florida is lumpia from our favorite Filipino restaurants, Cuban sandwiches, fresh seafood and Rita's Italian Ice. What are some of your favorite Quad-City foods and restaurants and what foods and restaruants do you wish we had that we don't?

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