More jobs coming to the Quad Cities is good news. 1000 new jobs is even better news.

Last night the Davenport City Council approved an agreement with Seefried Industrial Properties to build a 2.9-million-square-foot warehouse on 158 acres of land west of Division Street and north of Research Parkway extending the parkway to Division Street as part of the project. That's the empty lot next to the Sterilite Corporation.

Davenport will have to improve the infrastructure around that area and according to, the total cost is projected to be at least $100 million, and it could take up to two years to finish the center.

We're piecing some information together here. Notice I haven't mentioned 'Amazon' as we've heard in previous stories, but we know Seefried Industrial has a history of doing work for Amazon

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Council members can't say what will go into the building because of a nondisclosure agreement. If you go to Seefried's website, you can see the different projects they've been involved with including five distribution sites for Amazon.

1000 jobs for our area is great news.

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