We've got a cat for you this week! US 104.9 has teamed up with UScellular and the Humane Society of Scott County to bring you the pet of the week! We spotlight a different pet looking for a forever home every week. Today we are meeting an active dog who has been looking for a family for a while now.

Another awesome thing about this event is that UScellular is donating $50 each week to the Humane Society for our pet of the week. It's always great to see!


Meet our 104.9 pet of the week, Lecter

We're gonna do something a little different this week and give you a cat for our pet of the week!


November is Senior Pet Month, so of course we have to highlight this 10 year old boy who is currently one of our oldest cat residents. Don't let his age fool you as he still holds his own with the youngsters in the free roam room. He prides himself on always getting the best window seat for bird watching in the evenings.

We think Lecter would do well in most types of homes. He has done great in our free roam room with the other cats, and quickly makes friends with anyone who enters. We aren't sure about dogs, but we think with a slow introduction he could do well living with one.

While Lecter can keep up with his friends in the free roam room, he's also the you're most likely to find napping. This guy might just value his naps more than his meal times... and on some days, we all certainly can relate.

Not only is it Senior Pet Month, but we are also reducing adoption fees for the rest of November because we are STUFFED, so that means all adult cat and dog adoption fees are only $25! So that means, this sweet guy Lecter could be one of the many great deals you get this month!

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