We have a big prize for you to win live on air tomorrow with US 104.9. You can score a pair of Mississippi Valley Fair fun cards while hanging out with Jake in the morning.

We also have a major announcement to go with those fun cards tomorrow morning.

Celebrating Young Woman With Mobile Phone Winning Prize And Showered With Gold Confetti In Studio

Starting tomorrow at 6:30 AM Jake in the morning will have a huge announcement. this announcement will be given every hour leading to just before at 9:30. At that time Jake will ask YOU what the special announcement is.

If you know the answer, you can call in and win MVF fun cards.

The Best Way To Win Fun Cards Cards

Jake will be making the announcement twice each hour at 6, 7, and 8 o'clock. Make sure you tune in at least one of those times. The you'll know the answer to the question at 9 AM.

Thankfully if you know the answer you can have a chance to win Mississippi Valley Fair fun cards!

The Mississippi Valley Fair

Fun Cards purchased online will be mailed via certified mail.

Mississippi Valley Fair 2023 Grandstand Acts

  • Austin Snell will take the Grandstand Stage on Monday, July 31st. 
  • Tyler Farr will headline on the Grandstand Stage on Monday, July 31st. 
  • Sam Hunt will be next to take the Grandstand Stage on Tuesday, August 1st.
  • Jordan Davis will be taking the Grandstand Stage on Wednesday, August 2nd.
  • Lil Jon is the first of two acts to take the Grandstand Stage on Thursday, August 3rd.
  • Ludacris will be the headliner on the Grandstand Stage on Thursday, August 3rd.
  • Three Days Grace will be rocking it out on the Grandstand Stage on Friday, August 4th.
  • Limp Bizkit will take the stage on Saturday, August 5th, and headline the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair.
  • HARDY will wrap up the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair on Sunday, August 6th.

See you tomorrow!

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