A couple of months ago I wrote about how the US 104.9 Studio was getting taken down. It was said to see the old studio go, but was hopeful,

For months, my boss has been telling me that someday engineers (and the B100 guy apparently) will come into my studio and start destroying it. Well, today was that day. Talk about a rough morning. On the bright side, the future looks great for the studio AND they won't be hurting our wall of names.

After months of waiting... the studio is finally ready!

I thought it would be fun to show some of the progress over time with the US 104.9 Studio. Now we can enjoy the most new country in style!

New US 104.9 Studio

Here are some before and after photos of our US 104.9 studio!

Why Is This Happening?

Fun fact, originally they were making my studio super nice so 97 X could temporarily use it while their studio got redone, that was the only reason I was getting all this great new stuff..

That's right the legendary 97X needs to use my studio as theirs gets redone.

But in a turn of events, they didn't even need to use my studio! I got all this new stuff, and didn't even need to share it! Now that's a major win. Also, shout out to I Rock for letting me use their studio for a little while!

Next week we will break in the new studio, Make sure you join me live on air next week with Jake in the morning and US 104.9!

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