We may have been growling about the traffic mess around the Iowa side of the I-74 bridge, but you're not going to growl at a new pancake restaurant that just opened there.

Stacks Pancakes just opened a few days ago at 1661 Grant St., right next to QC Fuel coffee shop. But don't let the name fool you. There's more than just pancakes there (even though personally, I'm good with just pancakes!).

The menu is posted on their Facebook page and they have everything from breakfasts, burgers,  and chicken sandwiches to salads, wraps, Gyros and the ever popular diner favorite; the Monte Cristo.

The reviews so far are great.

The interior looks welcoming and cozy. You might like it so much you'll want to work there. As luck would have it; they're hiring.

Now it's my turn. Look for my review of Stacks coming soon.

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