Aaron Tippin and his wife Thea met in 1990 at Starstruck Management -- but instead of being starstruck, they became lovestruck with each other and married on July 15, 1995.

At the time of their meeting, Aaron was one of Starstruck's clients, and Thea was working as a management assistant. The country star credits his wife (who is also now his business partner) with helping his career blossom, as she has been there since the beginning of his time in the music industry.

“She is as much Aaron Tippin as I am,” he says. “She’s only six months behind me in my record deal. I signed with RCA, and then six months later, I signed with Narvel Blackstock and Trey Turner. She was Trey’s assistant, so she started working the Aaron Tippin career six months after it started."

Nearly 30 years later, Tippin is still in the industry, and he's been married to his beautiful wife for almost 25 years. He's more than grateful for his wife constantly being at his side, even during the ups and downs that many artists face.

"She’s got as much stake in this game as I do," he reflects. "She saw me at my lowest days, stood right there and stayed -- even when things weren’t great and I wasn’t having hit records. She listened to me whine all through it all. I owe her everything.”

Three decades in, Tippin can certainly be proud of his career: He has found success in country music with 11 studio albums and nine Top 10 singles. But just as sweet his as success is the fact that his wife's fingerprints all over his career. Thea Tippin co-wrote "Kiss This," which became her husband's third No. 1 hit, and also co-penned and sang duet vocals on "The Best Love We Ever Made."

"I can't believe she's kept me around this long," Aaron Tippin said in a press release around the time of their 20th wedding anniversary. "Great friend, great mom, and I couldn't in a million years find a better partner. I owe her everything. I love Thea."

While Tippin is certainly head over heels for his wife, the same can be said about her.

"I've been so blessed to be married to my best friend and the love of my life for 20 years," Thea Tippin said in 2015. "He is my hero in every way, and I can't imagine going through life with anyone else."

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