There have been a lot of companies that have suffered during this pandemic, but Amazon has thrived, mainly due to home deliveries.

And now, with the holidays quickly approaching, and COVID-19 restrictions so prevalent across the country, Amazon is looking for much-needed help with what is expected to be their busiest time ever.

How much help? About a hundred thousand people should cover it for now.

Amazon says they're ready to hire 100,000 seasonal workers in both the U.S. and Canada, in both full and part time positions. To sweeten the pot, Amazon says that many of the locations where they need workers will add in bonus holiday incentives.

Granted, it can be a tough job at times, especially in cold weather like we have here in the Rockford area:

With more than 12 million Americans out of work according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics these new seasonal roles in several locations across the US and Canada will complement its regular full- and part-time positions,” Amazon said in a statement. “Amazon offers jobs for people of all backgrounds and skill levels, and these 100,000 new, seasonal jobs offer opportunities for pay incentives, benefits, and a path to a longer-term career, or can simply provide extra income and flexibility during the holiday season.

Who knows, you may find yourself on a new career path, or at least have some extra walking around money in your pocket. Amazon says training will be provided.


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