She was definitely not camera-ready.

Natasha Exelby is an anchor for ABC 24 in Australia who has gone viral after she suddenly realized the camera had gone back to her while she was doodling around during a report.

The media has been a focal point of many issues in the last year, thanks to Donald Trump and the "fake news" claims he fires with as much regularity as he tweets, so anything to make them look bad or incompetent certainly doesn't help the image problem journalists may have among those who do feel the field is biased.

A completely stunned Exelby sure looks like her head is in the clouds as she tries to casually recover by throwing it to sports.

We're not sure if she's the regular anchor, a weekend host or an emergency fill-in, but snafus like this certainly aren't going to go on her reel in an attempt to become the next Barbara Walters.

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