Another inspirational billboard has popped up in Davenport. I saw this one while driving on Kimberly Road at Division Street. The first billboard on Brady urges us to "compliment three people." This billboard asks us to "count your blessings." Once again the billboard contains no information on who or what group is behind the inspirational message.

I'm starting to like these billboards. I smiled when I saw this one and, while sitting at the  light, counted the blessings given to my wife and me. It's easy to forget the good in our lives. Today was a rough one for me and I had a negative feedback loop stuck in my brain. Sitting down to write this blog I was reminded of all the wonderful things that have happened in my life recently. It put the negative into perspective.

The billboards work for me because they're straight forward. They also don't contain anything that might get me to read into what the message is trying to convey. If that information was there, it doesn't necessarily change the meaning or intent of what the advertiser is trying to communicate. My brain, however, might process it differently. So my advice to whoever is doing this: don't change a thing. Thanks for the reminders on what's important.

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