My wife Kathy and I like the Walmart grocery pick up service. It's simple. Relatively easy and it's free. I show up. They load my groceries into the car and off I go.The last three or four times I've used the service at the west Kimberly Road store I've noticed something. People not using the service are parking in the spots reserved for pick ups to park closer to the store.

I get it. You have to stop at Walmart and pick up a prescription. Or you're hopping in and out to get one or two things. You'll be five minutes. Plus there's always several perfectly good spots no one's parked in. I see them too when I have to make a quick trip.

Usually the people I see trudging out from the store are doing just what I explained above. Stopping in to get an item or two. Until Saturday. There was a car parked next to me in spot five. There were three kids hanging around looking bored, playing with the radio, annoying each other. A Walmart employee came out with a basket full of groceries trying to find the car of the person who ordered it. Not me. Not the kids. Not the unattended car parked in spot number one. He finally found the correct person's car.

It was just then I saw a lady rolling her cart over to the car in spot number five. This was not a quick in and out trip. This woman had a week's worth of groceries. My first thought was: Why not use the service? It's easier than walking all over the store. Second, she wasn't close to the building. Look at the photo. That row is a little bit of a hike to the door. So what did she save? In my mind nothing.

It bugs me when people do this because it's one less act of civility in an increasingly uncivil society. I guess I should be thankful these folks just aren't pulling up and using the handicapped spots as their personal parking space. That would make me really mad.

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