About a month ago we asked Iowans what they thought were the most overrated cities in the great state of Iowa. After multiple votes came in, we now have those results.


You can see that poll here. 

Iowa is known for a lot of things, and many people love to hype up the parts of Iowa that they are from. I grew up in a smaller town in Iowa, so I prefer small towns while others from bigger cities in Iowa most likely prefer... the cities.

The Rankings

We got our results from local votes. Everywhere in Iowa was fair game. If there is a spot that gets a lot of love, and hype that Iowans thought was overhyped, they voted for them.

Some Honorable mentions are as follows

Some cities I wanted to highlight that didn't make it into the top 5 are two spots I've actually lived in. Cedar Rapids and Waterloo tied for the number 6 spot at just barely behind 5th place.

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The Most Over-Rated Cities

5. Davenport

Ah Davenport... the place I am currently living in. I was surprised to see this on here. most people don't hype up Davenport at all. It's not the best spot, and many people know that. I feel like these votes came from people who just really don't like Davenport.

4. Dubuque

A proud river city, it seems as though most of the people who voted for this spot actually grew up in Dubuque. That was interesting to see. One complaint is the lack of things to do.

3. Clinton

Poor Clinton, I feel like everyone always hates on Clinton.

2. Iowa City

This was a close second, and honestly, I kinda agree with it. Iowa city is a college town but has also seemed like it was trying to copy the vibe of the nice parts of Chicago.

The Most Over-Rated City

1. Des Moines

Most people voted for Des Monies which both surprised me and didn't at the same time. Des Monies has some real highs and some real lows. I think what really got this spot in at number one is due to it also being our capital.

What do you think of these results? Let us know on our app.

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