How many photos do you have in your camera roll right now?  According to a new study out of all those photos, you have at least 128 photos of this one thing.

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Don't worry it's nothing bad. In fact, it's very basic...

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Iowa Tends To Have 128 Photos Of Food On Their Phone.

Do you take photos of your food? We all know someone who does, and apparently, the average Iowan has between 128 and 130 photos of food on their phone.

How They Got The Numbers

Well, the team at Shane Co. asked over 2000 people across the U.S. to tell them how many food pics were in their camera roll. They then determined the states, generations, and regions that take the most food pics. With Iowa ranking pretty high on that list.


Iowa Vs Illinois

Apparently, if you live in Iowa you're a bit of a foodie with an average number of almost 130 photos of food in your camera roll right now. While Illinois has 123.2. Both are very close with Iowa only beating out Illinois by a handful of pics.

Iowa ranks 7th while Illinois ranks 10th when it comes to states with the most food pictures.

Here are other states with high food photo counts.

The other Foodie States:

  • Colorado
  • Florida,
  • Arkansas

These states are averaging a whopping number of 174.5, 152.5, and 151.5 in their camera rolls, respectively.

The Least Foodie States:

  • Montana
  • West Virginia
  • North Carolina

These states are averaging the number of 51.7, 52.3, and 53.9 in their camera rolls, respectively.

Men vs Women:

In case you were wondering, women have 14.7% more food pictures on their iPhones than the national average. They tend to have 38.2 more photos on their phone than men.

You can learn more here...

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