Get a free ice cream cone today at Baskin Robbins. The company is celebrating the 31st of the month with $1.50 scoops on Monday, December 31.

This offer is valid on every size scoop, but waffle cones and toppings are extra. Valid at participating locations all day.

You might think that this deal is in honor of 2018, but actually, Baskin-Robbins has this pretty sweet discount on the 31st of any month with 31 days in it. As part of the chain's "Celebrate 31" promotion,  a nod to it's "31 Flavors,"  all regular and kid-sized scoops are just $1.50, according to a  Baskin-Robbins news release.

The promotion ran all though 2018, per a January 2018 press release, so it makes sense on Dec. 31, ice cream fans can end the year with a $1.50 scoop of whatever flavor they like best.

Here's a bonus, the Flavor of the Month for December, Caramel Cappuccino Cheesecake, is on offer in the deal, so you can get one last bite of the limited-time scoop.


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