Just when you think you're doing the right thing, someone comes to try to ruin it all.

So here's the story, I've only used Facebook Marketplace a few times, to varying degrees of success.


As a seller I would get a lot of "Is the item still available?" but nothing too crazy. A few jerky buyers but what are you gonna do?

There were a few different instances where I sold a thing on Facebook Marketplace without any issue.

This wasn't one of those times. I'm not sure if this has happened to you in the past but beware. If scammers are targeting me, they could be doing the same to you.

Yesterday morning, I received a message from someone named Rosalyn interested in buying my son's computer.


A little backstory, my son wants to upgrade and I told him I'd help him out by trying to move it on Facebook Marketplace.

So Rosalyn's message, it's your typical, "How much? Is it still available?" I reply with "yes." and that's when things got weird.

After going back and forth Rosalyn asks if I can send the product to their "grandson in California?"

I wasn't sure that was a great idea but I went along with it anyway. So here I am measuring my son's computer, weighing the dumb thing all so I can figure out how much to charge this Facebook person to send it across the country.


After some digging, I find what I believe to be an acceptable shipping cost and send that over to Rosalyn.

Rosalyn then asks me if I would be willing to put a note in the box with the computer wishing her grandson "Thomas" a Happy Birthday.

Stunned, I was like "sure." The weirdness doesn't end there either. A few messages later, Rosalyn asks if I can also purchase a $100 Google Play Gift Card and they'll pay me for it, along with an extra $50 for gas and travel expenses.

At that point, I'm wondering "What in the world is going on?" Oh, by the way, Rosalyn mentions she is "old" and "disabled" and can't do it herself, and that's why she would like me to purchase the gift card, send it out. Ok, sure buddy.


Now I'm really confused and feel like something is up. I wasn't making a move until the funds were in my PayPal account anyway, so I just went along with the "sale."

After giving the buyer my email address to send me the money for the computer I received this:

Look phishy to you? Because it sure did to me. There were so many things wrong with the email. The @gmail.com address was a dead giveaway.

So you know what I did? Called them out for it. Do you know what they did? Nothing. They immediately stopped the conversation and faded into the internet looking for their next victim.

The only thing I was out was about 90 minutes of my morning. Luckily I didn't go through with the sale. I would've been out much more.

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