I am ashamed to say that in my 18 years in the Quad Cities, I have never witnessed The Bix 7 race. Before becoming a morning host, I was never a morning person. I often worked late, and slept late, never getting the chance to witness the Bix 7.

Today, I was on the lawn here at the Rock-n-Roll Mansion on Brady Street where we make all the radio magic.

I saw folks of all shapes, sizes, ages and ability pass by, some running, some walking, and even one elderly man taking on the course in a walker. He was passing by me while the front of the field was beginning to pass by in the other direction, nearing the finish line. The elderly participant was accompanied by what I suspect was his son, walking with him and encouraging him. I had a lump in my throat.

I am ever amazed at the level of determination we can muster if we just try.

I salute every last individual who challenged themselves by participating in The Bix 7.


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