Michael Lawrence has a really cool app called BluJaket.  It gives you offers in real time based on your location.

So, for instance...remember when businesses were open?  Well...let's say you drove by Front Street Brewery.  Your phone would alert you that they had buy 1 get 1 pints today.  Or if you were jogging past Complete Nutrition...you'd get a notification for 20% off your purchase.

It's a super smart idea.  Even better...now that QC businesses are in limbo, BluJaket is offering Quad Cities businesses to take advantage of their reach for free!

They're getting ready to launch a new "Weekly Deal" program in April that would allow businesses to reach their entire database with a large blast for FREE!!!

BluJaket will also include you in a once per week email blast to over 6,000 subscribers and share your post on Facebook to their 2,000 followers.

Pretty cool stuff.  If you'd like to participate click here...

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