Disney World. The happiest place on Earth, where magic happens, The Most Magical Place on Earth, and Where Dreams Come True. It's a destination for tourists worldwide, for the rides, the park experience, and the spontaneous performances around the parks. Some guests were treated recently to a battle-scene performance not by park performers, but by park goers.

In Magic Kingdom yesterday, a brawl broke out between two groups of individuals - one dressed in what looks to be a vacation uniform of red pants and identical white shirts.

A close angle from a TikTok account that's now been removed shows the fight, with clothes and accessories scattered all over the ground outside of Peter Pan's Flight in Fantasy Land.

One guest tries to break up the fight but is pushed back by fighters and knocked into a parked stroller.

In another angle (which has also been removed by TikTok), the brawl comes to a halt for a second until someone else throws a punch, and the group goes right back to fighting each other.

The whole incident took place between Peter Pan's Flight and Fantasy Faire. According to Orange County Sheriff's Office, they as well as Reedy Creek Fire Department and paramedics were all on scene shortly after the fight.

@joy_mac via TikTok
@joy_mac via TikTok

No cause behind the fight has been made public as of yet.

According to WDWNT, incidents of violence between parkgoers is on the rise, with over a half dozen reports in the past year alone.

Read more at WDWNT

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