Dailey Farms, a grade A dairy that produces goat milk posted the cutest video on their Facebook page of a baby goat trying to get off a patch of ice. At first I was concerned for the baby goat, who seemed to be having problems. Then I was intrigued by the goat's "friends" who seemed to want to help, but really didn't seem to know how.

Then I started to think, this is cruel. Why doesn't this guy filming this put the camera down and go help the baby goat. Then relief. You'll feel it too if you watch the video all the way through:

Once the baby goat got it's legs working right and got out of it's predicament I was like awww that's so cute. Then the goat's "friends" came over and it was like they were congratulating her (or him) for figuring it out. I don't know if goats can feel a sense of accomplishment, but certainly if they do, that goat definitely felt it after getting off the ice.

Dailey Farms is in Alexis, Illinois and their mission is to "provide healthy dairy options for our community using sustainable practices while creating job opportunities in the agricultural industry."

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