On March 10th between 7 and 8 pm, a fire that could be seen from quite the distance broke out. Spectators of the fire were quick to call the fire department, and for good reason too. At that time there was no staff on sight, or on the grounds. There were also no reported injures.

According to KWWL a building containing the control panel for the Flume ride was destroyed, and the roof collapsed in on itself.

Thankfully at this time, it appears that the fire will not affect the theme park's opening in May or June. Reports also say that the rebuilding process could begin as soon as Monday.

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Last Years Fire

In an unlikely and unlucky time of events, almost exactly a year ago another fire broke out at the park. You may remember reading about this fire in the bathhouse. This one appeared to be much smaller. The park made a public Facebook post about it on March 28th, 2021,

We had a small fire at our Waterpark today. Thank you to our neighbors at the Isle Casino for calling 911 after seeing smoke coming from a building on our property. Waterloo Fire Rescue had a rapid response and their quick actions left us with minimal damage to the ceiling of our bathhouse. We are very thankful no one was injured and we appreciate the work of all those who were involved.

You can see that full post here.

Cause Of This Years Fire

As of now, reports state the cause of this fire as a blanket catching fire due to a temporary heater. It appears that only one building was destroyed, and thankfully no one was harmed in the major fire.

Spectator's Photo

Dalton Beecher
Dalton Beecher

A Waterloo native, Dalton Beecher snagged that photo after seeing the fire.

I heard about it through a person who actually was leaving the Isle Casino. They had taken a snapchat video showing it. When I got there it looked like the fire was contained, plenty of fire trucks on site.


About Lost Island

Lost Island has been an iconic water park in Iowa for years, and will soon be a major theme park! Located in Waterloo Iowa,

Lost Island is the largest waterpark in Iowa! We offer a variety of rides for the faint of heart to the extreme daredevil. If you love the tropics but want to save some cash, come visit us this summer and feel stranded in a South Seas paradise!

I use to go there every year as a kid, and can't wait to check out the theme park that again thankfully isn't seeing delays due to this fire. At this time Lost Island is also hiring

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