Yesterday afternoon the School Resource Officer and school staff at Mid City High School in Davenport were investigating the smell of burnt marijuana in the building. They stopped two students to invistage their involvemnt with the suspicious odor. One student ran, and the resulting search led police to recover a handgun.

The school was briefly placed on lockdown while officers and staff invistigated and secured the area. Charges are pending against the student who ran, and another 16 year old male has been charged with Interference with Official Acts. No injuries were reported.

If you know anything about this incident you should call the Davenport Police Department at 563 326-6125. You can also report an anonymous tip via the mobile app entitled “CityConnect Davenport, IA” or “CrimeReports by Motorola”.

Teens trying to catch a buzz by hitting a joint at school isn't anything new. Police finding a gun while trying to track down the stink, that's a little disturbing. There's always been fights and conflicts between students at school. Yet, most of them are settled by some shoving and jostling and maybe a few punches.

I remember getting into a fight in gym class, one of the coach's breaking it up and throwing both of us into an office to cool off. By the end of the period we were both laughing about getting in trouble and had forgotten about whatever beef we had with each other. When teens are bringing guns to school, there's  a good chance the conflict won't end like the one I was in. That's both a shame and disturbing.

Here's what the City of Davenport shared about the incident on Facebook:


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