Being the leading man in a sexy music video isn't awkward for Chris Young, but that’s not to say he looks forward to pawing a cute blond who may be wearing nothing but thin underwear. Young admits his clip for "I’m Comin’ Over" is his sexiest yet, but his team helps keep him comfortable during the more ... intimate moments.

“I mean, you’re standing in a room and there’s a bunch of people with cameras and lights and they’re telling you which way to turn and giving you direction while you’re making out with somebody,” Young tells Taste of Country. “It has potential to be really weird, but (it isn’t), partially because everybody I’ve worked with in videos has been really great.”

Different country men have different policies when it comes to on-camera intimacy. Jake Owen was very hands-onsy early in his career. Who can forget the steamy “Eight Second Ride” video, during which the chemistry led to marriage? Brett Eldredge also enjoys playing the leading man, while married stars like Thomas Rhett and Blake Shelton do not.

Young says he and Shelton have talked about this. Should he ever want to avoid the heavy petting, he’d lean toward not being the lead. “Blake loves not being the lead in his videos because he’s like, ‘All I have to do is how up, sing a couple of times and leave.’”

“I’m Comin’ Over” is Young’s first single from an upcoming fifth studio album. He says he likes the song because he knows almost everyone can relate to it.

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