In high school I was a cashier for a local gift shop where I earned $3.35 an hour. Cashiers at Davenport’s new Costco can expect to earn a whole lot more!

According to a Costco representative, full-time cashiers with five years’ service at the coming Costco Wholesale store can expect to earn $54,000 per year.

According to a KWQC story, Costco Executive Assistant Kayleen Burnett says, “It breaks down from top of scale wage of $24.85,” citing an hourly pay amount that equals $51,688 annually.

“Plus a bonus of $5,000 a year after a minimum of 1,000 hours after being at top rate.”

A salary of $54,000 is higher than Davenport’s median household income which Forbes reports as $52,798. cites $51,471 as the median salary for public school teachers in Davenport, while the median for city paramedics is $38,250.

Burnett says Costco will be filling “a variety of positions throughout the warehouse” including cashiers, assistants, and bakery employees.

Applications can be completed on Costco’s website, but no Davenport positions are listed yet.

Davenport City Council in an August 23 vote cleared the way for a store to be built on 53rd Street near Elmore Avenue.

Costco officials said last May they hope to begin construction in late fall and open by summer 2018.


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