Davenport Mayor Mike Matson and Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski held a conference Monday to discuss the Scott Country curfew.

While the Mayor and Police Chief called Monday a "more peaceful night" the curfew will remain in effect from 9pm-5am TFN.  While there was no credible riotous activity Monday night, the department was very busy as they received numerous calls and tips from residents.

The curfew for Rock Island and Clinton remain in effect tonight (6/2-6/3) as well.

Read the full statement from the mayor and chief here.

On Sunday night, the Davenport community was shaken by the civil unrest of rioters throughout our community. The damage and harm done by these rioters was for the sole purpose of creating division and their actions do not reflect the character of our community.

In response to this civil unrest, yesterday we asked the citizens of Davenport to assist the Davenport Police Department to ensure our community was ready to handle any additional civil unrest that may ensue. And, in true Davenport fashion, our community took these requests seriously and responded accordingly.

We are encouraged to report that Monday night was a more peaceful night in Davenport. While officers were busy addressing leads given to us by the community, there were no credible instances of coordinated riotous activity. Officers dealt with several disturbances and weapons related calls for service of individuals attempting to take advantage of these challenging times.

We sincerely thank the citizens of Davenport for helping to deal with this challenge last night and abiding by the mandatory curfew put in place by Scott County. By staying home, you allowed our first responders to swiftly respond as needed to calls for service throughout our community. You were vigilant in locking your homes and cars. Our neighborhoods were illuminated with exterior lights. Because of the actions of our citizens, Davenport had a more peaceful night following the unrest of Sunday night.

While we are encouraged by the calm of Monday night, our community must still remain vigilant as civil unrest and riots continue throughout our state and our country. For this reason, Scott County’s mandatory curfew will remain in place on Tuesday. Going forward, the curfew will be announced by noon each day. We encourage our residents to continue leaving their exterior lights on and ensuring that their property is properly secure. If you notice any suspicious behavior, report it immediately. The Davenport Police Department uses this vital information to help keep our community safe.

The citizens of Davenport can be confident in the preparedness of our police department to respond when needed. We will maintain a joint incident command with our Scott County law enforcement partners through the rest of this week to ensure all resources are available to assist if needed. The safety of our community is our first priority.

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