Another gorgeous fall day ahead...

1 - More sunny skies and mild temps through at least Friday. Forecast details are here.

2 - The Cubs have dug themselves a bit of a hole after a 6-1 loss at Wrigley last night. A do-or-die Game 4 is tonight at 8pm on our sister station ESPN 93.5. Details when we do That Sports Thing around 7:35am.

3 - The Figge is having a unique Hallowe'en party called Figge Underground on October 27. Dance, create, and enjoy a variety of craft beverages in the Figge's underground garage. I'll tell you more when we do That Entertainment Thing at about 8:35am.

4 - Win lunch at work from Zeke's Island Cafe and the new KIIK 104-9. Details here.

Have a great Wednesday.

- Craig

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