One last gasp of summer today.

1 - A hot, dry and windy day will see temps climb into the mid 80's before another round of showers and storms brush the area tonight. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is here.

2 - Terina won tickets yesterday to the World's Toughest Rodeo coming to the TaxSlayer Center in January. Your chance to win tickets before you can buy them comes at 7:30am.

3 - I'll be delivering lunch for 12 to Wesley and his co-workers at Frito-Lay in Davenport over the noon hour today. I could be showing up at your workplace with free lunch from Zeke's Island Cafe next Wednesday if you get your workplace entered to win here.

4 - The Chamber of Commerce has released a new video promoting the Quad Cities as a place to 'Make it.' My Craig's Question today is 'What would you promote to out-of-towners looking to move here as the biggest perk to living in the Quad Cities?' Let me know here on our Facebook page.

Have a great Wednesday.

- Craig

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