Our "Two Tickets to Paradise" party for KIIK 104.9's Hawaii trip qualifiers, and hopeful qualifiers, scheduled for this evening (Thursday February 7) has been cancelled. Simply, Chef Stew and KIIK 104.9 had concerns about qualifiers and those eager to win the trip being able to get out to Zeke's Island Cafe because of the rain, sleet, snow and falling temperatures.

Instead Chef Stew will be joining me at the KIIK 104.9 studios this evening and we will take five last minute qualifiers on air just after 5PM. Callers 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 when Rob tells you to call 563-326-1049. Those five callers will be our "last minute qualifiers."

Once Rob and Chef Stew have the five last minute qualifiers they will be added to our drawing box and Chef Stew, Rob and other KIIK 104.9 staff members will begin a reverse drawing eliminating qualifiers. You'll be able to watch this via Facebook Live on on the KIIK 104.9 Facebook page here. Some qualifiers will randomly win fabulous consolation prizes from KIIK 104.9 and Zeke's Island Cafe as they are eliminated.

When we are down to ten qualifiers left, Rob and Chef Stew will continue the reverse drawing via Facebook Live and on air at KIIK 104.9!  You can listen to KIIK 104.9 on your computer here.

Here's the approximate schedule of events for this evening:

5:00PM - Five last minute qualifiers will be chosen through on air contesting on KIIK 104.9

5:20PM -  Reverse drawing will start to take place via Facebook Live on the KIIK Facebook Page. Some qualifiers will randomly win fabulous consolation prizes.

6:00- 7:00PM  Last 10 qualifiers in our drawing will be eliminated on Facebook Live and on air. Winner of the trip to Hawaii will be contacted via phone at conclusion of the drawing.

If you're a Hawaii trip qualifier and have any questions about the trip please contact our business office at 563-326-2541 or e-mail us at rob.creighton@townsquaremedia.com.



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