Taco Bell recently won a national poll as best Mexican restaurant, but I think we all know that the best food comes from local establishments. I recently had the best ribs I ever eaten at a one-of-a-kind, down home restaurant in Cleveland.

Two of my favorite Quad Cities eateries just announced plans to expand, making more room for more of us to enjoy their noms.

Me & Billy on 3rd Street in Davenport is taking over the space once occupied by another business next door to build a new party room. The expansion will allow them add space to their kitchen. A larger kitchen will allow Me & Billy to offer a more expansive menu. I just hope they never get rid of their mouth watering Pomme Frites.

Our friends at Zeke's Island Cafe on Harrison Street in Davenport are also expanding. Zeke's is taking over the former gym in behind their restaurant, allowing for the addition of seating for up to 50 people.

It's great to see local establishments being supported, and responding by getting bigger and better.

Visit Me & Billy's website here.

Check out Zeke's Island Cafe's website here, and enter here to win our free Zeke's Lunch @ Work contest.

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