Morning clouds could ruin the view of the Super Blue Blood Moon tomorrow morning...

1 - Sunny morning skies will give way to clouds this afternoon. Temps will warm for tomorrow, but snow is on the docket for Saturday. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is here.

2 - The Government Bridge will be closed again today between 8:30am and 7:00pm for repairs. The daily shutdown is expected to continue on Wednesday as well.

3 - The countdown is on to the Super Bowl. With the game starting and running so late, and folks partying hearty, some say the day after the game should be a holiday. Do you think Super Bowl Monday should be declared a national holiday? That's today's Craig's Question. Sound off on our Facebook page. More sport when we do That Sports Thing at around 7:30am.

4 - Have you seen the enigmatic billboard on Brady Street asks instructs viewers to 'Compliment three people?' Rob writes about what's going on with the billboard on his blog.

Have a great Tuesday.

- Craig

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