Another gloomy day, but that's Spring, right?

1 - Clouds will continue throughout the next few days. A few sprinkles are expected today before steady rain re-enters the picture for late Wednesday and all day Thursday. WQAD Meteorologist Eric Sorensen has the details here.

2 - Great news for foodies in Moline. The City of Moline Planning and Development Department announced yesterday that Olive Garden, Popeye's and Panda Express will be opening just off John Deere Road.

3 - The NFL's Oakland Raiders are moving... again. NFL owners voted to allow the franchise to relocate to Las Vegas, but, a stadium won't be ready in Vegas for at least two more seasons, which means they have to play in Oakland until then. That won't be the least bit awkward. Details when we do That Sports Thing at around 7:35am on The Morning KIIK Start.

4 - At an annual convention of cinema owners and movie studios in Las Vegas this week, discussions are happening about allowing first-run movies to be streamed to your living room soon after they open. Details when we do That Hollywood Thing at about 8:35am on FM 104.9

Have a great Tuesday.

- Craig


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