I'm getting pretty excited for this weekend with Streetfest, The Bix and PlanetCon happening.

1 - The weather for the next five days should be bottled and saved for crappy days throughout the year. Sunny skies, cool breezes, and highs hovering around 80º are forecast through Tuesday of next week.

2 - The Bix 7 road race takes place in Davenport tomorrow morning. Get details on all the races and the schedule here. Sports scores and more around 7:40am when we do That Sports Thing.

3 - Several streets will be closed and parking will be at a premium downtown this weekend. You can find a map of the street closures here, and Jeff Lynn from the Work Release Drive Home has tips on the best places to park here.

4 - Our very own Tami Seitz fronts the band The Blackstones today at 4:00pm during Streetfest. I'll be down there to offer support and enjoy the ribs as Ribfest becomes part of Streetfest this year. Here's a link to the Streetfest schedule of events. More entertainment news when we do That Hollywood Thing at around 8:40am.

Have a great Bix weekend.

- Craig

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