~~~doin' a little weekend dance right here~~~

1 - Another run of spectacular weather begins today. Sunshine is on the docket for the next 5 days with temperatures hovering around the 80º mark through next Thursday. Forecast details from the National Weather Service are here, such as they are.

2 - The Bears, Packers and Vikings kicked off their NFL pre-season last night with wins. Our sister station ESPN 93.5 is home for Bears football, and Thursday, Sunday and Monday night football too. Check out the entire season broadcast schedule here. Scores and more on That Sports Thing at about 7:40am.

3 - Tugfest gets underway in Leclaire and Port Byron today. Will you be on a team pulling a  680 pound rope across the Mississippi? More entertainment news and options for your weekend when we do That Hollywood Thing at around 8:40am.

4 - The Iowa DOT is giving citizens a chance to choose the design of the new Iowa license plates. Three designs have made the final voting round. You can view all three and cast your vote here.

Have a great weekend.

- Craig

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