At the midway point of September already. And the Autumnal Equinox is next Friday.

1 - We're forecast to hit 90º for the next two days, but the humidity will make it as bearable as 90º can be. Your forecast details are here.

2 - The River Bandits are one win away from the Midwest League Championship. Get on out to Modern Woodmen Park for Game 3 and cheer your Bandits on to victory tomorrow night. Scores and more when we do That Sports Thing at around 7:35am.

3 - If you've got a little Irish in ya, or Scottish, you'll enjoy the Celtic Festival and Highland Games this weekend in the Quad Cities. We'll talk events and entertainment when we do That Entertainment Thing at about 8:35am.

4 - Matchbox Twenty plays the iWireless Center on October 7th and I'll have more tickets to giveaway every morning next week. Listen for your chance to call-in and win beginning on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

- Craig

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