Kids are heading back to school for the 2022-2023 school year. That means your social media pages will be flooded with back-to-school photos of your kids and your friend's kids. But before you hit the post button on your social media pages, the Davenport Police Department wants to remind parents of the right way to share their kids going back to school.

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The Davenport Community School District and many school districts in the Quad Cities area are starting the 2022-2023 school year today (August 23rd). Many proud parents will take to social media today to show how proud they are of little Johnny going back to school and how excited they are that summer is over. While those photos are cute and exciting, some parents have a tendency to overshare information about their children on social media.

To remind parents of the dangers of posting their child heading back to school, the Davenport Police Department took to social media to remind parents of the right and wrong things to share about their child heading back to school.

As you can see in the social media post above from the Davenport Police Department, the photo on the left shows Officer Jason's grade, the "school" he is attending, his teacher for the year, his favorite color, subject, song, fruit, animal, and the fact that he likes to read.

In the photo on the right, Officer Jason's grade, "school", and teacher for the year are gone.

Davenport Police say that school name, grade, age, and identifying features of a child can all be used by scammers or individuals who may not have the best of intentions. Officials say that no matter your privacy or friend settings, it’s best to keep personal information about you and your children to a minimum.

A great piece of advice the department gave for this situation, which also applies to anything you put on social media, is to think twice before you post!

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