My Mom used to tell the story of when she landed a job at a candy store. She thought there would be strict rules against eating the product, but discovered there were no rules at all. On her first day the owner told her to eat all she liked, and she did. She got so sick from gorging herself on chocolates and bonbons that she never wanted to touch the stuff again.

Local fireworks enthusiasts reacted much the same way as my Mom in the candy store when Iowa legislators passed legislation in April that opened the floodgates to fireworks sales and use during select periods around the 4th and New Year's.

All four Quad Cities were filled with a constant sound of fireworks until late in the night for the better part of a week around the Independence Day holiday, angering many residents.

This is why you can't have nice things, Davenport.

Hopefully, the other Quad Cities councils will follow suit, and more importantly, the police department's will get aggressive about enforcement so we can get back to sleeping at night.

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