We've heard a lot about studies that show teens would benefit more from later start times at school. I don't know if Davenport School Board took that into account when setting new times for schools recently, but they do believe they'll save about $300,000 in busing costs.

Here are the new times for Davenport Schools that will take affect when the new school year begins in August:

  • Elementary schools including Buffalo: 7:35am-2:25pm becomes 8am-2:50pm.
  • Intermediate schools, as well as Walcott and Blue Grass Elementary: 8:45am-3:35pm becomes 9:10am-4pm
  • High schools: 8:10am-3pm becomes 8:35am-3:25pm.
  • Assumption High School: 7:45am-2:50pm becomes 7:25am-2:30pm.
  • JFK Catholic School: 7:45am-3pm becomes 7:25am-2:40pm.
  • Trinity Lutheran School: 7:55am-2:55pm becomes 7:35am-2:35pm.
  • Keystone Academy: 8am-2:15pm becomes 8:25am-2:40pm.
  • All Saints Catholic School: 8am-2:50pm becomes 7:40am-2:30pm.
  • St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School: 8:05am-3:15pm becomes 7:45am-2:55pm.

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