When the boss calls me out of the blue my first thought was, "uh oh....what did I forget to do."

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That's how my morning started, but when I took my bosses call, he was calling to let me know we had a winner for our cash contest at KIIK 104.9. He asked, 'would you like to call the winner and let her know she won?" Heck yes!

As I'm dialing the number I'm thinking, how many people answer a call from an number they don't know?

[Side note....be sure to answer....it could be us calling to let you know you've won!]

I fully expected I'd have to leave a message and play phone tag which is a drag. Keeping good news to myself isn't my strong suit. I was ready to spread the good news. Much to my surprise, Michele Frei picked up on the first try.

Michele Frei

Michele said she was on vacation otherwise she might not have been able to take the call. I also found out later, it was her birthday! How's that for timing?

Michele was playing the KIIK 104.9 Fall Into Cash cash code contest and won $1000! It was so fun to ask her what she would do with some extra cash. She said she'd put some money aside for herself, but would mainly use extra money to pay bills. It was fun to tell her she had won.

It's not too late for you to play along. We have one more week of winning with the cash codes starting again at 6:30 am Monday morning.

Listen 10 times a day for the code words and enter them at the KIIK app for a shot at $10,000. If you don't know what to buy with $10,000. We have suggestions for that too!

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