Do you believe in Bigfoot? You might after hearing these stats.

KWQC reports that Bigfoot has supposedly been spotted 15 times in the QCA over the last 50 years. This info comes from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (yep, that's a real thing), which has updated statistics about Sasquatch sightings on their website.

Sightings have taken place all over the QCA, including Rock Island County, Whiteside County, Eldridge, and along the Rock River.

The Eldridge encounter was especially memorable for the camper who spotted the Sasquatch. They describe the creature as being between 7-9 feet tall. The camper said they were so terrified of the Bigfoot that they refused to leave their tent.

That's not the only time Eldridge has experienced a Bigfoot sighting. A man claims he saw the creature's tracks and was actually screamed at by Bigfoot in 1981.

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