Direct flights from the Quad City International Airport to Charlotte, North Carolina? It could happen. The Quad City Times reports Mike Brown, Vice President of Trillion Aviation and the consultant Quad City International Airport uses to market the airport to airlines, told the Metropolitan Airport Authority American Airlines is impressed by the business ties between the Quad Cities and North Carolina.

According to the Quad City Times article, that could become reality in two or three years. Brown says, “Deere has a lot of factories in the North Carolina area. It would tie well to that," he said. "And historically you have pretty good traffic levels to the southeast United States." That said, it's not a slam dunk. Brown says airline service is driven by economic growth, which isn't growing here in the Quad Cities.

So will we see direct flights to other places besides Charlotte? Brown speculated that Houston is a possibility, and Allegiant might be inclined to offer service to Destin, Florida in the future.



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