The TSA Checkpoint at the Quad City International Airport in Moline was closed for an hour this morning after suspicious items were found in someone's carry on luggage. This according to a report from An electronic device's guts concerned TSA personnel who then contacted the Quad City Bomb Squad to investigate the device. says the Quad City Bomb Squad's investigation found the components in the device posed no threat and only one flight was delayed.

This is one example of why I enjoy flying out of smaller airports like Quad City International Airport. First, the screening is less hurried, it's more bearable and the TSA agents more personable. Second, imagine this scenario playing out in Chicago, Dallas or Atlanta. Imagine the inconvenience to everyone at one of those airports and all the flight delays. Here one flight delay. If you're inconvenienced anywhere it stinks, but I'll take a busy TSA line at QCA or Lubbock (another of my favorite small airports) over O'Hare, Midway or DFW any day!


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